Meet Nextage robot that brews you a favorite cup of coffee

Nextage robot

Humanoid robots have simplified our daily lives and are finding their applications in all fields. Here’s a new robot that changes the future of your morning routine. Kawada industries, a Tokyo-based robot maker has developed a robot dubbed Nextage that can actually brew your favorite cup of coffee. The robot was exhibited at the Japan Robot Week exhibition where visitors were served cup of coffee brewed by the hi-tech robot.

The Nextage robot offers freedom to human beings who are bored of doing the same old daily tasks thus allowing them to use their valuable time to do some other work that requires creativity such as process management and improvement activities.

The super high-tech robot stands 170cm tall, has a large flat head with two cameras for eyes and is dressed up in a brown apron. Visitors can add their preferences via a tablet computer. They are allowed to specify the flavors, the quantity of milk and sugar and the Nextage barista will brew your cup that fits your taste. If you still don’t believe us check out the video below.

Via: Gizmodo