Meet Nixie, the first flying camera that fits on your wrist


Nixie is the first wrist-mounted flying concept camera that is capable of capturing unique photos and videos.

Intel is hosting an event to encourage new wearable technology ideas, and Nixie is one of the finalists. So far it’s still in early days, so Nixie is around the edges. When you’re ready for your close-up, the wrist straps unfold to form a quadcopter that flies, reorients to capture your photos or videos from unique angles and positions, and then hovers back over for you to catch in. When not in use, the flying camera fits on your wrist just like a watch or bracelet so that it is safe and easily accessible to the wearer.

The project is headed by Christoph Kostall and his teamincludes project manager Jelena Jovanoic and Michael Niedermayr. Intel honors the winner with half a million dollars to make the project real.

Via: TechCrunch