Meet Sparky, an awesome combination of Nissan’s Leaf and Frontier

Nissan Sparky

Engineers at Nissan chopped off the back half of a Leaf electric car and bolted the bed from a Nissan Frontier pickup truck to reach at Sparky. It wasn’t an easy job, since the truck bed had to be resized to fit into the Leaf’s frame.

The Sparky as the engineers at Nissan call, it is a cherry-red with round corners. It is now transporting people and cargo around the 3,000 acre providing grounds, supporting operations in testing vehicle durability and comfort in the hot temperatures of Arizona.

Nissan durability and reliability manager Ronald said they wanted to keep Sparky a secret, but visitors come and after watching the truck they go staright to what’s it? And they enter into a conversation.

The research team headed by Arnold Moulinet got the stock Leaf, and after reviewing a bunch of designs of pickup trucks decided to go with the Frontier bed for making the ultimate model.

The company hasn’t revealed anything about how the pickup makeover has affected the Leaf’s 84-mile range, but it sounds like the truck would have enough juice to handle its daily duties around the center. Watch the cute vehicle in the video below.

Via: Mashable