Meet the Auto-lacing iconic shoes

shoes with power lace

Back in 2011, Nike brought an exact replica of the Air Mag shoes worn by Marty McFly in the movie “Back to the future” to reality. But there was one disappointment with the fashionably – lit footwear, it lacked the iconic power laces. Well, now Nike is sure enough that it will unveil the laces in 2015.

Enthusiastic fans like Hunter doesn’t want to wait that long and has tried designing “Self-tying power laces” himself and it is pretty simple. He uses “Back to the Future”-inspired “Nike Air Mag shoes” for his design. The electronics required for making one of these include, 5V Arduino Pro Mini, USB Lipo charger, Force Sense resistor, and a motor. Hunter started with carving out a notch in the back of the footwear to insert the circuit. The power laces operate using the power from behind.

A pressure sensor placed under the heel of the insole tells the Arduino microcontroller when one slips his feet into the high top Nike Air Mag Shoes and a rotary encoder on the motor shaft ensures that all the power lace cycles are the same. Though, the laces are not tightened as fast as the one in the movie, it does work well. The video below demonstrates how Hunter has designed Nikes with power laces.

Via: Hackaday