Meet the Botlrs: Aloft Hotel’s First Automated Staff

Aloft Hotels announced its new employee: a robot Butlers , officially called A.L.O Butlers , who is programmed to assist the hotel’s concierge in catering to the guests’ requests at the Starwoods’s Cupertino location.

Robotic Butlers

Starwoods is the first brand to introduce a robot for both front- and back-of-house operations. The A.L.O Botlrs navigate around guests and use elevators. The Botlrs will be on call to assist the Aloft employees in fulfilling chores such as delivering guest amenities and transporting bedding, towels, and other linens between laundry- and guest-rooms.

The 3-foot tall robot, made by the firm Savokie is equipped with a 7-inch tablet screen to interact with guests and staff, as well as 4G and WiFi connections so it can call elevators when it needs a ride.

The Botlrs, the hotel said, will free up employee time while enhancing tech offerings.

Robotic Butlers Here’s an example: a guest calls down and requests for a toothbrush or extra towel, and an Aloft employee simply load up the robot with the requested items, programs the room number, and the Butlers handles the rest. Butlers  then navigates the hotel lobby, elevator banks, and makes its way to the guest’s room. Butlers places a call to the room as soon as it arrives outside. The guest opens his or her door, follows the prompts from Butlers touch screen interface, takes the item and the transaction is complete.

On completing the task, the robot accepts reviews from guests instead of tips. If the guest enters a positive remark on the built-in screen, the robot dances happily.

The accomplished robot then gets pack to the elevator, sends a message instead of hitting the down button and returns to the lobby where it plugs itself and awaits a new chore.

Robotic Butlers

Brian McGuinness, Global Brand Leader, Starwood’s Specialty Select Brands, said A.L.O. “has the work ethic of Wall-E, the humor of Rosie from ‘The Jetsons’ and reminds me of my favorite childhood robot, R2-D2.”

A.L.O.’s officially reporting date is on Aug 20. The company hopes to hire more Boltrs soon thereafter.

Via : techcrunch