Meet the Multilingual Android Newscaster that Look Creepily Human

At an exhibition entitled “Android: What is human?” at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation in Japan (Miraikan), Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro of Osaka University who is known for crating humanoid robots has unveiled his latest incarnation: a pair of android newscasters.

multilingual robot newscaster with a very human faceThe two androids demoed-Kodomoroid and Otonaroid- are so realistic that they seem like human actors pretending to be a robot. Kodomodroid is an android robot that resembles a human child. Unlike a real child, she can read news reports from around the world and read tweets in a variety of voices and languages, 24 hours a day – although her silicon skin and limited facial movement makes her appear somewhat strange. Otonaroid is a teleoperated android robot resembling an adult female. She interacts with the museum visitors and will work as a guide for the exhibition. The visitors get a chance to have face-to-face conversations with Otonaroid provided they are able to look android in the eye.

Professor Ishiguro also has designed a robot that resembles himself, which he sends overseas to give lectures and had recently built the Telenoid R1, a robot designed for telepresence communications which is also showcased at the exhibition. The robot is too small and can be picked up and cuddled, which is quite strange. Visitors can also interact with this robot.

“In order to make something that is useful for people, we must first understand human beings. Androids may not be in use straight away, but the process of understanding our nature is the most interesting part of the study of androids.” says Hiroshi Ishiguro.

The exhibition opens today at the Miraikan, Tokyo.

Via : Engadget