Meet the Swing Wing F14 – a remote controlled airplane

RC airplane

Thomas was inspired by his lecturer who showed him a model airplane he had designed from scratch using only few materials like a sheet of foam, duct tape, hot glue, a bit of wood and a handful of servos. Thomas was also interested in trying something like it but wanted to include a bit more of electronics to his airplane. So, he decided to choose venerable F-14Tomcat for the airframe that swings out for landing and swing in for high-speed flight.

The instructions on how to proceed with the design can be found online. Thomas had difficulty in reading the PWM signals from the R/C receiver as they overlapped. A delta mix was incorporated for the Elevons. He also used 2X1 Axis accelerometer to incorporate some auto stabilization as this was his first model airplane. Initially he had problems with vibrations resulting in massive noise at the output of the accelerometer but later he was able to fix it using a Lowpass filter.

This project isn’t the end goal. These basics help him to gather more information about designing unstable planes for a more complex UAV. 

Via: Hackaday