Meet the Vintage Lego Audio Player


The 2014 Seoul Brick Pop Art Exhibition organized by the LEGO fan group Brickinside was held during the last weekend. Though the exhibition was not big, it featured amazing creations. One of them, a vintage record player that is artistically crafted by Brickinside member Hayarobi. The vintage music player isn’t a toy or just made for fun, it’s fully functional music player that comes with awesome nixie tubes and LED for a steampunkish feel.

The LEGO audio player features a wood like texture with all the electronic components compactly packed inside the rectangular form factor of the whole unit. It can play music in two modes: 33 1/3 rpm and 45 rpm. The artistic display is crafted from 2,405 LEGO pieces and is powered by the Power Functions 8878 battery and the Power Functions 8883 M-Motor. The only non-LEGO piece added to the assembly is an Audio Technica 1Ea cartridge.

Well, Hayarobi didn’t stop at this! He also crafted a matching tube amplifier replica and vintage cases for his speakers. Check out the photos of Hayarobi’s retro sound system captured by Flickr user LoctiteGirl. Want to learn more about his amazing creations then you need to check out Hayarobi’s posts on Brickinside.


Via: DamnGeeky