Meet Zuri – A programmable insect-like robot


Zoobotics, a startup from Hamburg (Germany) is developing programmable modular animal-like robots made from paper and grey cardboard and can be set up quickly using household tools.


The programmable robot dubbed Zuri features a distance sensor, servo motors, servo controllers and a Bluetooth module for wireless control via PC or smartphone. Zuri robot is based on two leg variants and two different body modules. Different combinations of leg and body modules can be tried to design a lot of robot variations. This different configurations support different degrees of freedom for varied movements.


Zoobotics calls it a motion device that can display different locomotions because of the re-configurable parts. When in motion, Zuri walks like an insect and since it is made from cardboard paper, you must take care that it doesn’t move close to fire or direct heat. Otherwise, the robot sets itself on fire.


Via: DamnGeeky