Microsoft all set to launch a wearable device soon


Microsoft is all set to launch a smartwatch soon, Forbes reports. The reports further say that the smartwatch will be compatible across various mobile operating systems including its own Windows Phone, and Android and iOS, and will feature a fitness component that will be able to track a wearer’s heart rate.

The wearable device which is not yet named is said to have a battery life of two days, an upgrade over the one-day battery that many of today’s smartwatches experience.

The company refused to comment about its interest in the wearable space. According to the latest report, Microsoft will be releasing its first wearable this holiday season. Google was the first tech giant to set its feet on the smartwatch market in a big way with its dedicated operating system Android Wear.

Leading manufacturers have already rolled out supporting devices for the Android Wear, including Motorola’s Moto 360, LG’s G Watch and Samsung’s Gear Live. Apple has also announced Apple Watch last month, which will be hitting the stores sometime next year. The potential price of the device would be $199.99.

Via: Forbes