Microsoft Android Wear Analog keyboard for smartwatches

Android wear keyboard

Just a month after launching Android Wear, Microsoft had been rolling out special apps to back the android Wear. Following the release of One Note app, the company is continuing to support Google’s smatwatches with a custom keyboard. Microsoft’s Analog Keyboard allows users to reply text messages on their smartwatch without having to dictate them.

The prototype input app lets users draw handwritten letters on the smartwatch’s screen. The new keyboard supports the circular Mot 360, and any Android Wear-powered smartwatch with 320 X 320 pixels screen resolution. Apart from writing and replying to messages, users can also perform Google search. Moreover, characters that can be tricky to dictate like the ‘&, @ and #’ can just be written on the smartwatch.

The analog keyboard aims to change the way people communicate using their Android Wear. Minum and others have created a way for users to type on a smartwatch. However, the users are not comfortable with the tiny keys of the wearable. Voice input also has its own share of disadvantages. Some of the problems noticed by using this method include hit-or-miss voice recognition and the inconvenience of talking to one’s watch when the user wants to convey private messages.

The technology also supports autocorrect on completion of drawing letters and it save battery life by not supporting uppercase letters. The keyboard software can now be downloaded from Microsoft’s Research website.

Via: TheVerge

Source: Microsoft