Microsoft Confirms Free Updates from Windows 8 for the Current Year

There have been rumors about the possibility of an Update from Windows 8 on the net. Microsoft has confirmed that they are indeed working on and this project has been named Blue. With very few and sketchy details being given out and not much coming out of the company with regard to the OS update, there has been much speculation about this.

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Windows 8

A little bit of information is trickling out as Tami Reller the CFO/CMO has stepped out to give some details regarding this. It was during the JP Morgan’s Technology, Media and Telecom conference that she spoke about this. She stated that this update will be for both Tablets and computers and will be available free. Not many details have been forthcoming about this except that it is due to come out on the 26th of June for try out by those who wish to do so before actually going live.

Windows assured customers that any issues or feedback that customers may have will be addressed. We all are aware that though Microsoft’s main operating system has been well received there have been some grumbles about the dearth of gelling with older software. Another thing that users have objected to was that the Metro UI was also included. We cannot compare this to the abysmal failure of Vista but we need to hold our opinion on this. We need to wait and observe and check whether this update will have features we want and not focus on social network as they have been doing. In any case the users of Windows 8 have a host of features to look forward to later on this year. Here is hoping that this update is all that Windows 8 are looking and hoping for.