Microsoft developing a software to support ARM-based servers

Windows ARM server

Bloomberg reports that Microsoft is testing a version of Windows Server operating system that runs on chips-based on ARM Holdings Plc’s technology. The Redmond-based company has a test version of Windows Server that’s already running on ARM-based serves, according to the sources, who asked not be identified because the plans aren’t revealed publicly. Microsoft has yet to decide whether to commercialize the software. Microsoft now only offers a Windows server operating system that runs on Intel’s X86 technology-based processors.

The move to support ARM could loosen Intel’s grip on the computer server market.  Hewlett-Packard Co. and other companies have said that ARM-based chips are capable of competing with Intel’s products on power savings and price. Hewlett-Packard has popularized ARM-servers by offering a version of its Moonshot server line. ARM’s power-efficient processors are best known for running smartphones and tablets. Microsoft and ARM declined to comment.

John Zannos, vice president of cloud alliances and channels at Canonical, told us the company’s approach in developing software for ARM was to make sure a developer can write a piece of code on one OS or processor architecture but be able deploy it on another.

Via: Gigaom