Microsoft is Planning to add Kinect-Like Gestures to its Upcoming Windows Phones

Microsoft is set to add advanced Kinect-like features into its upcoming Windows Phone devices. The technology, known as 3D Touch or Real Motion, has apparently been in development at Nokia for a number of years, which means that Microsoft inherited it as part of the Finnish company’s purchase. The Verge and WPCentral claim that Microsoft’s future Lumia hardware, codenamed McLaren will include both a giant camera and “3D Touch” that uses motion gestures to use the phone without poking at the screen.
Microsoft's next big Windows Phone may use Kinect-like motion gestures
For instance, the 3D Touch will enable you to answer calls by holding the phone close to your ear, cover the handset to mute it, to put a call on speakerphone by laying it down on a table, or hang up a call by placing it in your pocket.

Microsoft is also planning to detect how a phone is held by grip, allowing a 3D Touch-enabled phone to block an orientation switch when you’re lying down in bed. The sides of the phone will also be used to interact with the operating system, and a camera feature will let you zoom simply by dragging your fingers along the side of the device. Central to Microsoft’s thinking are ways to simplify devices and remove buttons like the power button so phone owners can simply grip their device to power it on.

As you might expect, Phones that support 3D Touch will require some advanced sensor technology, and that’s said to be in works.

According to the reports, McLaren is expected to show up in November alongside a few third party apps that use 3D Touch.