Microsoft to launch another major version of Windows on September 30


Microsoft is planning to launch yet another major version of Windows at the end of this month. The software giant started emailing out for its Windows event in San Francisco scheduled for September 30. Redmond bigwigs Joe Belfiore and Terry Myerson will be leading the discussion around the future of Windows. The event will focus on enterprise and power users of Windows.

In fact Reode reports the event will be aimed at business users, with other events planned later in the year to show off Windows 9 features for different user groups.

Windows 9 has sprung a dozen leaks with videos showing off everything from virtual desktops to a new Notification Center to a more traditional Start menu. Microsoft also appears to be tweaking its desktop user interface to improve and flatten the traditional icons, alongside some taskbar changes for future Cortana integration and virtual desktops.

Additional changes are expected to be updated regularly for Windows Technical Preview users until the new operating system is complete and ready for use next year. We may also see that Windows Phone could drop the word “phone” from the name.

Via: TheVerge