Mighty Power Wallet charges your gadgets on the go

Mighty Power Wallet

Many a times when we are out shopping or travelling, we find our smartphones running out of battery. This can be really annoying especially when you don’t have a power socket nearby. However, those days are long gone now. There is a wallet developed by Italian Saffiano Leather which also acts as a phone charger. So you need not worry about charging your smartphone when you are heading out.

This wallet, called the Mighty Power Wallet looks like any other normal wallet. But, it is equipped with a battery and a micro USB port which you can use to charge many of your gadgets like tablets and smartphones while you are out.

Maybe you are wondering how the space is on the inside. Well, I assure you that the wallet has regular pockets and slots to stash your notes and cards. Also, it has a separate sealed area for you to keep coins. Since the wallet is normal sized, you can keep it in your pocket easily without any trouble. The wallet is 11cm wide, 9cm long and 2.5cm thick when it is opened. It comes with a built in 3000mAh battery which has the capacity to store about 1.5 times the energy necessary to charge a smartphone.

Mighty Power Wallet-1

Now, let us get down to the time it takes to charge the gadget. It varies depending on how old the gadget it and which model it is. For instance, it would take approximately two or two and a half hour to charge an iPhone 6 completely. The battery is slim and easily be charged through a micro USB cable. The flashing light which is situated next to the battery shows when the wallet is charging.

For women, there is another variant called ‘Mighty Purse’ which is available in various colors like pink, purple, black and gold. The company stated that it is the ultimate fusion of fashion and technology. Well, we couldn’t agree more! The one for men costs $119 while the one for women costs $142.

Via: Tranqila