MindRDR app paired with Neurosky’s EEG biosensors contorls Google Glass

At present, you could control Google Glass by tapping and swiping or by using voice command, but London based start-up This place has taken Google Glass wearers one step closer to mind control. This place just released an open source application called MindRDR.

Capture photos and videos

MindRDR allows users, with the aid of Neurosky’s EEG sensors, to control Glass with their minds without moving a muscle. For this, you need to download the app from Github.

The app currently lets Glass wearers to take pictures and upload them to either Facebook or Twitter using their brainwaves, as determined by the EEG headset.

MindRDR appears as a horizontal white line on Glass’s screen, which moves higher the more you concentrate. Once that line reaches the extreme top, it takes a picture of whatever you want—you simply need to repeat the process to upload the image to a social media site.

Its developers believe that the app could be of great benefit to people who can’t move on their own. These include quadriplegics, patients with multiple sclerosis and especially those suffering from locked-in syndrome.

Source:MindRDR, GitHub