MIT’s THAW lets your smartphone seamlessly interact with screens of other devices

MIT data transfer

Two teams of researchers at MIT are working on a project called THAW, which allows you to transfer files through and from your PC to your smartphone and use the phone as a game controller. THAW can see and seamlessly interact with what’s happening on the screens of your laptops and tablets.

All this can be done simply by pressing the handset against the screen of your laptop or desktop. You can take the webpage you were browsing on your PC by just touching the handset to the display. You can use the touchscreen of your smartphone to highlight files on a laptop screen and drag them onto the phone. You can also continue playing your favorite video game that you started on your television console now on your smartphone.

Throughout, the phone never fails in detecting what’s on the screen; it makes you feel that the entire phone is transparent. The secret behind this THAW technology is the phone camera. Your smartphone’s rear camera captures the image from the PC screen, while additional software processing on the phone allows you to manipulate files or objects from your smartphone. Also, your phone can act as a container, which you can use to carry an object out of the screen, resize it and then replace it somewhere else on the screen.

Just as other prototypes, there’s no word about the release date. Anyway, this is one of the coolest things that everyone will love. MIT researchers claim that this can work practically with any smartphone with a rear camera and possibly an accelerometer.

Via: Engadget