Mitticool: Clay fridge which runs without electricity


In this article, we are going to talk about a man whom even Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam called a ‘true scientist’. The man is Mansukhbhai Prajapati, who is a craftsman based in Gujarat. He developed a clay refrigerator, called ‘Miticool’. It works without any electricity! He was appreciated in the year 2009, when President Prathibha Patil presented the national award to him. She praised his work and also asked him for a Mitticool!

He had scientists and journalists from all over the world come and visit him to see the beautiful process of how he made those eco-friendly products at a low cost. Also, he was a school dropout. Now, that becomes a feat that many wouldn’t be able to achieve right? It was possible for him as he was not intent on making money. He just wanted to make low cost and eco friendly products for the people.

Mansukhbhai has sold about 1500 pieces so far. He said that most of the Indians cannot buy a fridge as it is quite expensive. Also, he spoke about the electricity bills being too high. Then, he added that Mitticool is an eco friendly product and also, it has absolutely no maintenance costs. And, it helps in retaining the original taste of vegetables.

He came out with this fridge in the year 2005 after 3 years of effort. He tested various kinds of soil, clay and refrigerator designs. It is made of this particular type of terracotta clay with many pores on its walls. It uses the basic principles of physics to keep things cool. About 10 litres of water travel through it, circulating through the pores and eventually evaporating. The evaporation lowers the temperature of the clay, and keeps things stored in the ‘frig’ fresh.

Talking about himself, he said that he failed in the tenth grade but still, he wasn’t disappointed. People, who once looked down upon him, now look up to him. In fact, he is the pride of our community!

clay fridge

Via: Design Feature