Mobile users contribute to half of YouTube’s Traffic

YouTube has long been offering the best digital content online, and music videos are arguably the most popular content the site has. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki says that half of YouTube’s traffic comes from mobile devices like phones and tablets. She also said the company was considering launching its own subscription video service with an ad-free service being one option.

YouTube's viewsOnstage at the Code Mobile conference, Susan said that YouTube’s mobile app is much popular on places like Apple’s App Store. It is one of the best platforms for watching online games. She also confirmed that mobile phones are very much essential for every business right now.

The popularity of YouTube can be confirmed from the fact that it has close to 50 lakh downloads on android play store individually. Wojcicki declined to comment when questioned about its efforts to strike a deal with Twitch, which was snapped up by Amazon instead. She said that YouTube has been lucky to have viewers who come and watch games. Kids have shown them how engaging and interesting games can be. The company plans to invest in the gaming area.

Wojcicki also confirmed that the company’s long rumored music project will be launching soon.