Modular Blocks Camera lets you shoot in 360 degree and 3D mode

The Blocks Camera

Sometimes, it is hard to figure out what drives the innovators, designers more – the needs or the curiosity? Camera sensors and related gadgets is one field which is seeing a flood of updates in image sensors and hardware updates. Even iPhone is speculated to have taken ‘the biggest Camera jump’ and could introduce DSLR quality two-lens system camera in its next version of iPhone.

Amidst this flood, some brains are trying to do it in a different way. Blocks Camera is one of them. The team has developed a very unique 360 degree camera, which is intended to tempt photographers looking for perfect 3D and 360 degree shooting. It feature four individual lenses and these components are swappable so that users could adjust them in accordance with their needs. It can record 360 degree, 3D and 2d full HD videos and images in differing modes.


The project is on Kickstarter for a fundraiser. The makers promise the camera in two models, Block + and Block +H. Block + model comes with 10—megapixel for stills and a 5fps bust mode along with recording at 2K resolution. On the other hand, in Block + H, the user would get 14-MP cam and 10 fps recording at 4K resolution.

blocks camera

The gear is equipped with almost everything that a geeky tech freak would look for. There is built-in W-Fi with a remote, a Gyroscope, Microphone, Mini USB and Micro HDMI Port, GPS, and an internal battery. The users will have to download a Blocks App to control it from an Android OS. The Blocks + and Blocks +H are available for a pledge of $350 and $540 respectively. You can grab more details on Kickstarter.

blocks camera final

blocks camera 3

bloacks camera 2