The 20 Most Expensive Keywords in Google AdWords that help you Profit

How does Google generate its revenue? Surprisingly, Google generates majority of its revenue from online pay-per-click advertising through Adwords.

Most Expensive Keywords in Google AdWordsWe have carefully researched and listed the Top 20 most expensive keywords in Google adwords in 2014.

Top 20 Most Expensive Keywords

1.  Insurance – Top CPC $ 54.91

2.  Loans – Top CPC $ 44.28

3.  Mortgage – Top CPC $ 47.12

4.  Attorney – Top CPC$ 47.07

5.  Credit – Top CPC$ 36.06

6.  Lawyer – Top CPC$ 42.51

7.  Donate – Top CPC$ 42.71

8.  Degree –Top CPC $ 42.02

9.  Hosting –Top CPC $ 31.91

10.  Claim – Top CPC$ 45.51

11.  Conference Call –Top CPC $ 42.05

12.  Trading –Top CPC $ 33.19

13.  Software – Top CPC$ 35.29

14.  Recovery – Top CPC$ 42.03

15.  Transfer – Top CPC$ 29.86

16.  Gas/Electricity – Top CPC$ 54.62

17.  Classes –Top CPC $ 35.04

18.  Rehab – Top CPC $ 33.59

19.  Treatment –Top CPC $ 37.18

20.  Cord Blood –Top CPC $ 27.80

All these keywords make up 97% of Google’s Revenue from Adwords and Adsense. If you are already in one of the above businesses or plan on entering one then be prepared to pay high cost per click rates.

How expensive Adwords benefit you?

Once you post Google Adsense ads on pages related to these expensive keywords, Google will then reproduce ads with a high click cost, instead of making 0.05$ per click yo can make a few dollars.

While the minimum bid per keyword is 5 cents in AdWords, the high cost keywords listed above are nowhere near that. Google can make up to $50 per click from the most expensive PPC keywords. Keyword advertising is a highly lucrative business for Google.

Consider the following tips to build websites for monetizing expensive keywords :

  1. Research the keyword.
  2. Your WordPress website should include the keyword in its domain name.
  3. Choose a high converting Adsense theme for your WordPress site. Install and modify the theme to your preference.
  4. Install necessary WordPress plugins to post adsense ads on your website and automate SEO.
  5. Create fresh and unique article related to the keyword and publish them.
  6. Review your website, analyze its effectiveness and start marketing.

Keep posting fresh unique articles regularly and within a few months you should have over a hundred pages profiting you from Google Adsense with high click cost keywords. Also, ensure that your website delivers high quality content to get better rankings in Google’s search results. Be cool and watch the traffic flowing in with profitable clicks.