Most Responsive Alternatives of Netflix

The space of videos as you want it is quite hot right now and has become pretty competitive though Netflix tends to dominate in this space. Now many newcomers have entered this space. For example Hulu is really making a big presence for itself and making others insecure. All these new entrants and more competition means more choices for the end user of tablets and phones. But the thing about such devices is that you have to look at the level of support and quality too. Here is a list in which things have been put in relation to Netflix, which seems to be leading the pack.


Netflix: It is quite sought after on the whole in the online world and also has applications for use on tablets and mobile devices. Costing 8 dollars on a monthly basis, also offers a large library of movies and television shows which you can download without restrictions. You are unhindered by ads while watching.


Hulu Plus: This one is also fast gaining ground for movies and Television shows and costs the same as Netflix. Hulu is known for the latest on Television which gives it an edge. On the minus side you are hindered by advertisements as you watch. There are some issues with regard to buffering and unsupported devices


Crackle: In case you are looking for stuff that is free then this is the oen for you. But you have to put up with the advertisements. The choice here at Crackle may also be more limited whether it is movies or Television shows. Mostly people find it good enough but some people have complained about updates.


HBO Go: In case you are already subscribed for HBO through your DTH or cable supplier, then you are allowed to download HBO Go application and relish movies and TV shows on offer there for free. The quality is really good but it is limited by the need to have a current subscription on satellite or cable.


Amazon Instant Video: You will find a considerable collection of videos on this site to buy or rent. If you have a prime Amazon membership, which is around 80 dollars per annum you get free access to videos from the library. These are unspoiled by advertisements. But this is only optimized for iPad.


Vudu: This option is supported by Walmart and provides movies and TV shows for buying outright or renting for viewing. Prices differ from one movie to another and on the lines of Amazon the latest content costs more. It works on Android tablets and iPads alongside smartphones. There has been some feedback regarding some technical problems. You can also download stuff that you can view later when offline.


Showtime Anytime: If you are subscribing to this from your Television provider, then you can download the application and the quality is also very good. But the negative is that the list of TV providers supported are quite low


U-Verse On Demand: The application for this is made to allow users to record DVRs at home using their mobile device. You can even stream content that you selected to a limited extent. But things seem to be a little vague and confusing on this site.


XFinity TV Player: This offering from Comcast provides you numerous movies and TV shows from many networks. But your choice is guided by the cable subscription that you have with Comcast.