Mozilla And EverythingMe Preview “Firefox Launcher”

Mozilla and EverythingMe showed off a review of the their upcoming release of Firefox Launcher for Android. The new firefox launcher will help you to access apps that you have already downloaded, ones that you might be interested in checking out and websites that it thinks you may want at any given time. It comes with a clean user interface. The new launcher offer users a personalized and customizable Web experience that is fun and intuitive.
Ben-David says

“It’s about distribution…They have almost half a billion people who love their brand and trust their brand.”

Firefox Launcher for Android
However, EverythingMe will still promote its own branded homescreen. It shows you all relevant apps that you think you need to check for exam,ple in morning the homescreen will show a message of Good morning and the row of apps in which the prediction bar suggest weather and alarm apps. In evening it suggests appropriate apps like your calendar, Huffington Post News, and an app for checking out nearby businesses so you can plan your evening.
Firefox is brings up related apps on your phone and relevant web experiences when you search something on it. For example if you search for any artist or celebrity such as Katy Perry it will show you a Spotify shortcut that will open her artist page instead of the standard Spotify homescreen.
Firefox launcher will be available for download in the coming weeks and will be a good competition for products like Facebook Home, Yahoo acquisition Aviate, Cover, GoLauncher, and more. We all are excited to see “Firefox Launcher” on android homescreen.Though the above screenshots gives a rough idea about the app being useful but we will soon update you with all the information about this new launcher.
Via : mozilla