Mozilla launches Developer Edition to mark its 10th Anniversary


Firefox is turning 10 and to mark this occasion, the company released Firefox Developer Edition, the first browser created specifically for developers.

The first thing you’ll notice in the new version is a new dark theme and square tabs that matches the aesthetic of the developer tools. This default theme keeps the entirety of the Firefox user interface neat and tidy, so there’s more room for the content on your screen. You would really appreciate the change.

Next up, the developer edition tool includes all of Mozilla’s developer tools that were previously only available as Firefox add-ons. Two biggest features Mozilla adds to its new version are Valence and WebIDE. The former allows debugging across multiple platforms, while the latter lets you develop, test and release web apps right from your browser.

Valence, previously called Firefox Tools Adapter, not only supports desktop-class browsers, but mobile as well. It allows you to test your code against Safari on iOS and Chrome on Android in addition to Firefox OS support. This means Mozilla doesn’t want developers to bounce between different platforms and browsers, which decreases productivity and causes frustration. Instead, a dedicated developer browser is meant to solve this problem by creating a focal point to streamline your development workflow.

WebIDE lets you run edit and debug Firefox OS applications using the Firefox OC simulator or an actual device. In other words it works the same way as Xcode or VisualStudio in iOS. The other included web developer tools are responsive design mode, Page Inspector, Web console, Java Script Debugger, Network monitor, Style Editor and Web Audio Editor.

Firefox developer Edition is designed specifically for developers. It’s the first version of what Mozilla hopes will bring a large number of web developers back to its platform.

Via: Extremetech