MultCloud Helps You Easily Manage 17 Cloud Drives, What Are You Waiting for?

With the tremendous development of big date and cloud technology, there are more and more network hard disk for us. Many people use multiple online services according to their different management requirements. For instance, some people want to edit Word online, so they try Microsoft OneDrive, some people like Google apps, so they choose Google Drive. There are other reasons why people own several cloud services: sometimes they have not enough space to use, they have to delete some files, but it is hard to do so, move the file to another cloud platform? Yes, they often do this. You may ask why not pay more money to get more storage space? No! Most of people like free! That’s all. So users create many cloud services’ accounts for more storage space freely. Above mentioned transferring the file to another cloud drive, how to do this? Downloading then re-uploading? Thus willspend a lot of time. If there were a file transfer platform!

Today we will recommend you a free web-based APP – MultCloud. It might be the one that you’ve been looking for.

MultCloud currently supports 17 services, besides OneDive and Google Drive, there are well-knownDropbox, Amazon S3, SugarSync, Box, Copy, Bitcasa, HiDrive, WebDav, FTP/SFTP  and so on. Each account does not limit, let’s take Dropbox as an example, you have 10 accounts, you set them up all, equal to get 20 GB free cloud volume through MultCloud!

The cloud authorization

The first step, open the MultCloud:, click “Sign up” on the top right corner.

The cloud authorizationThe second step, complete the registration form, this includes fill in your email address, username, password, repeat the password and verification code, then click “Create Account”, you can activate your account in your registered email.

The cloud authorization

The third step, when you complete registration, you can log in MultCloud and begin to add cloud drives. I select Dropbox here.

The cloud authorization

The fourth step, you could to rename this cloud drive for identify this account conveniently in MultCloud, then click “Add Dropbox Account”.

The cloud authorization

The last step, after you finishing Dropbox authorization, you will see Dropbox has been successfully connected intoMultCloud, you are able to directly manage files that in the Dropbox.

The cloud authorizationYou can use the same the wayto authorize your other cloud accounts to achieve the goal of the cloud big series.

File sharing

At first, switch to the cloud directory that has your wanted file, right click the file that you want to share, select “Share”.

The cloud authorization

Secondly, in the pop-up Share window, you only need to copy the share link and send it to your friends. This is default way, you can also share by sending email. Of course, if you cancel MultCloud authorized to access the cloud service, the share link will be disabled. You can also cancel sharing by clicking the sharing flag again. (see the following picture.)


Get the share link, paste it on the browser and go. You will see the share page is provided by MultCloud access mode! Download please.

The cloud authorization

File transferring

MultCloud is not only a simple cloud manager, but can also move files between different cloud drives. File transferring, replication and backup in different cloud storage space, super easy! Let’s have a look !

Firstly, switch to the target cloud drive, click on the archives that you will copy to other cloud. then right click the selected list and choose “copy to”.

The cloud authorization

In the pop-up “Copy to” window, select another cloud drive as destination service. Click “Transfer” button to continue. The process will be run automatically. Notice that the left bottom “Multi-selection” means you can select multiple cloud drives as destination drives. “Move” means the file will be removed in the source cloud drive.

The cloud authorization

Another moving method is similar to Copy&Paste in Windows Explorer. Right click the file and select “copy” or “cut”, then switch to another cloud service, move the mouse to the blank place, rightclick and choose “paste”, you can transfer files from A cloud to B cloud perfectly! However, the most easiest way is directly dragging and dropping. Try it yourself!

The cloud authorizationMultCloud is a useful, time-saving service that plays nice with six well-known cloud services. What are you waiting for? If you have already used MultCloud. Feel free to let us know about your personal experiences in the comments. Thank you very much.