Murata unveils robotic Cheerleaders on rolling metal balls


Murata Manufacturing Co. unveiled a group of swarm robots Thursday that use the latest sensing and communication technologies, as well as advanced group control technology to achieve perfect balance and flawless synchronized dancing.

Unlike the bicycling Murata Boy and uni-cycling Murata Girl who moves on wheels, Murata Cheerleader gets around on a metal ball and remain balanced as the ball rolls on. Murata Cheerleaders remind us of the Weebles which were the most adorable toys of our childhood days.

The Cheerleaders use advanced gyroscopic and infrared sensors to perform in perfect synchronicity and never fall over. The cute creations feature light up cheeks, pom pom arms that are similar to PlayStation peripherals and LED eyes that glow in different colors as they dance to form various shapes including a heart shape, diagonal lines and a digit eight.

The 10 cheerleaders are controlled via a wireless network. The same technology may someday be applied to future automotive safety systems. Murata spokesperson Koichi Yoshikawa said that their goal was to cheer people up and make them smile.

It took about one and half years for the engineers to develop these highly sophisticated and gorgeous cheerleaders.

As of now the company has no plans to sell the robots but the cheerleaders will take on the stage at the upcoming electronic trade show-Ceatec tech expo from Oct 7 to 11 outside Tokyo.

Via: Engadget