NapAnywhere – Comfortable neck pillow designed for frequent travelers

neck pillow

Tired of the floppy neck pillows that doesn’t offer the comfort you desire? Travel in style and comfort with the this new portable neck-support pillow on the market. The NapAnywhere is the most innovative portable neck-support pillow specifically designed for those traveling on planes, subways, trains, buses and cars. It offers a great support for your neck, but instead of letting your spine heal, it instead lets you have a nap with comfort.

At $59 it’s certainly more expensive than other neck pillows on the market, but there’s some genuine engineering and medical knowledge that went into the NapAnywhere’s design.

One of the problems with the travel pillows sold at airport kiosks is that they are just too big to carry along, not to mention that most provide discomfort as well. The NapAnywhere is small enough to fit into a briefcase or laptop bag when not in use. NapAnywhere seems perfect for travelers but not for the drivers.

Via: Gizmodo