Nest Announces Developer Program, Integrates all your Gadgets

Nest Labs has just invited software developers to come up with new ideas to connect existing Nest products to a broad array of smart devices from the likes of Mercedes Benz, Whirlpool, LIFX bulbs and more for enhanced smart-home functionalities.

Nest Announces Developer Program
For example, the Jawbone UP24 band can let your Nest know when you wake up so that the thermostat can heat or col your home to your preferred temperature before you roll out of bed. If you happen to have a Nest Protect and LIFX connected bulbs then those bulbs can also be set to flash red to warn users of smoke or carbon monoxide. The Nest Developer Program also connects your Nest to If This Then That (IFTTT), connecting products to over 100 other products and services.

Washing machines like Whirlpool will now communicate with your Nest devices and freshen up a cycle if you’re away when it ends.

Users of Chamberlain’s MyQ garage door system will be able to trigger the away mode on their thermostats.

The Nest Learning Thermostat and Nest Protect alarm are already helping people save energy, stay comfortable, and improve home safety – but that’s only the beginning,” said VP of Engineering, Matt Rogers, in a release. “Our goal has always been to bring this kind of thoughtfulness to the rest of your home and life – and that’s what the Nest Developer Program is all about.” And to fund it all, there’s Things That Think: A fund backed by Google Ventures and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers that will focus on developers working on related projects.


Most of the data that Nest will share – with Google and others – will focus on whether users are at home or not, as detected by sensors on the thermostat. When people link a home device and related account with Nest, the company will not share their email address, name or home address with other companies, Rogers said.

“We’re not becoming part of the greater Google machine,” he added.

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