Netflix finally extends its support to Linux


Good news for Linux users. Netflix, the world’s leading internet subscription video streaming service with over 35 million members in the United States, Canada and Latin America now extends its support to Linux.

Until now, Netflix relied on Microsoft’s dying Silverlight plugin. But last week Netflix senior software engineer Paul Adolph announced the company’s plans to switch over to HTML5. That’s great news for Linux users, who have tried hacking their systems to get Netflix to stream the videos.

Adolph said that devices running the NSS security libraries version 3.16.2 or later versions will be able to run Netflix in Chrome without switching over to their browser’s user agent.

NSS stands for Network Security Services which is a joint effort of Mozilla, Google and RedHat. This service protects the video stream against piracy, which of course is a primary concern for a company like Netflix.

Netflix already supports plenty of Linux-based devices including Roku, Android, Chrome OS etc, so this really shouldn’t come as a big surprise.

Via: Engadget