New Aisin Seiki automotive rear-view system covers blind spots

rear view camera

A new rear view system was seen at Automotive Engineering exposition 2014 Nagoya. Through a video take by the rear camera, the driver would be able to get clear view of blind spots while moving the car.

The system came from Aisin Seiki Co Ltd at the trade show on automotive technologies. The event took place from Dec 11 to 12, 2014.

This new system is developed in such a way that it is combined with in-vehicle cameras, and combine video of blind spots ((near right and left rear pillars) behind a vehicle. The video is recorded through the in-vehicle cameras and the video by rear camera. This constructs a complete rear view to facilitate the driver.

Such rear view system is quite helpful in eradicating chances of any contact between two vehicles when the concerned visibility area is diagonal read area.

Well, that’s the least of what technology could offer for safety to drivers. We are likely to see more of such system in the upcoming future, and still more, someday, the technology might make a collision of two vehicles impossible or the vehicles completely shock prove, made from unbreakable material.

Via: Japantoday