New “Harmony remotes and Hub controller” announced by Logitech with extended capabilities

Known marketer of accessories, Logitech came out recently with the news that the organization is adding to its Harmony line of Universal Line of Remotes. The new model is supposed to be a low end version and a hub with multiple functions that has the abilities of both.


The Harmony Ultimate from Logitech is the latest top of the line remote that has universal functionalities. It can control as many as 15 devices. With a 2.4 inches color screen that offers touch facility and has activity buttons that can be programmed like the earlier versions. You can make things happen in the Ultimate Remote with the flick of a fingertip on the screen. The vibe feedback affirms the action that you want. This version also has tilt sensor to ensure add on control options. The buttons can be set for long or short press functions.

The Logitech Harmony Smart Control has the functionality to control up to 8 devices and does not have the touchscreen and other features. Both the devices have Logitech’s Harmony Hub, which is a new feature. This is combo of a Bluetooth Hub and Infrared repeater. The Harmony Hub can be used to switch on games and allows you to keep tabs on your Audio and Video by use of Android device or iOS. You can even set the color and Brightness level of Philips Hue Lights via the Harmony Ultimate Remote.



This latest offering from Logitech has been designed to overcome the flaws and hiccups in the earlier Harmony Link product. There had been news that Logitech had plans to sell their Harmony branch, but seems that things are back on track with the coming up of newer and more improved products. Harmony Ultimate is poised to be accessible on the market in April and Harmony Smart Control in May.