New Infrared device makes blood donating less painful

Detecting vein

If you’ve ever donated blood, you will know that the complexity of the process lies in locating the right spot on your arm to poke the needle in. But, don’t worry researchers at Red Cross in Australia have developed a new IR device that makes the blood sucking process easier.

The technology works by projecting safe near-infrared light on your arm. Our veins carry a lot of deoxygenated haemoglobin that absorbs near infrared light, the device locates the veins by making them glow in fluorescent green light.

The device is being experimented on 900 blood donors at the Chatswood and Elizabeth Street Donor Centres in Sydney that include 300 first-time donors and 600 returning donors. The success of this technology has the potential to encourage more donors and increase speed in helping emergency personnel open IV lines to dispense critical fluids and medicine. To know more about how the device works, check out the video below.

Via: Techcrunch