New record-breaking laser could speed up your internet incredibly


Physicists from Imperial College London in the UK and the Friedrich Schiller University Jena in Germany have revolutionized the internet forever by creating the record-breaking lasers. The laser is able to turn on and off at fastest speeds, which would be used to speed up the internet.

According to Carsten Ronning, a scientist from Germany, if one can now turn the laser on and off very fast, then more data is transmitted at a given time frame.

What makes this laser different from previous iterations is that the zinc oxide nanowires are placed on the silver surface instead of glass surface, which is traditionally used to develop lasers. The lasers are then shrunk down to about a thousandth of a human hair. By boosting the interaction between the light and zinc oxide nanowires, the researchers were able to speed up the rate at which the lasers could be turned on and off by 10 times, and makes them the fastest on the record.

The laser operates stably at room temperature, which makes it ideal for use in internet and communication systems.

Via: Mashable