New ZYYX 3D Printer Offers Users Hassel-Free Printing

Like every other week, this week too has some interesting gadgets in the news. The ZYYX 3D printer is a Swedish designed, Chinese made device that offers users an awesome experience with printing.

The ZYYX team has addressed many issues faced by 3D printer users, the most notable of which is build plate calibration. The ZYYX includes several interesting new features. These features include a care-free build plate system  as well as a fume filtration system which eliminates the possibly toxic fumes printers can give off when printing in certain filament materials.

ZYYX 3D Printer Includes Unique Air Filtration System
Unlike other 3D printers, ZYYX printer is covered, both on the front and on the top. This covering is to ensure that the fumes within the printer stay within the printer, as well as keep the device environment pristine. The machine also features a fan which circulates the air within the build chamber, pushing it out of the printer through an active carbon filter to remove the fumes which melting filament is known to give off.

Other interesting features included with ZYYX machine are a well-designed printhead, an enclosed printing space, and an air filter. The printer head actually has an integrated probe which is able to take measurements of the build plate in certain areas, adjusting the print plate, ensuring a care free printing experience. Since the printer is enclosed, it is also nice to have the ability to remove the build plate after an object has finished printing.

The ZYYX 3D Printer is currently available to pre-order for €1,550 (plus VAT and shipping), on the company’s website within a couple of weeks.

Watch the video below demonstrating the automated build plate calibration inherent within the ZYYX 3D printer.


Via : Geeky-Gadgets