NIX Color Sensor: An Astounding Invention

With the rapid progression in science and technology, various technological gadgets started to play very important role in our daily life. Today we’re going to explain about very interesting and featured gadget in front of you. Basically, “NIX” is Smartphone accessory which allows the users to become color expert.

What is NIX

Nix is basically a device which allows you to inspect the appropriate color of the object. Just bring out Nix and scan the object and it’ll instantly show the proper color of the object on your Android Device, iPhone, Mac or PC. After scanning the perfect color, you can match it up with real life pigment and also get the complete information about the store where you’re going to get this color.

Nix Color Sensor (1)

Undoubtedly, it’s going to prove as the best application for interior home designers, web and graphical designers, model makers, painting artists, craft artists, fashion designers, make-up experts, civil engineers and also in the medical field.

History of NIX

Initially, the creators of NIX come in the contact of interior designers and come to know that it’s very hectic to carry heavy loads of baskets containing paint decks. And undoubtedly, the paint decks can provide the limited amount of choices for your client and you as well. Then, they discussed this project among other professionals. After a long research and discussion (with various business professionals), they got green light for this project with the appreciation of the industry.

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After that they conducted a survey in the hospitals and discussed with those doctors who treat burn patients and other victims who’re suffering from other skin diseases. Those doctors have to make up the victims skin with natural skin tone. And the general skin color matching procedure is time consuming and costly as well. And they’re looking for such kind of tool which shouldn’t only cost effective but less time consuming also. Then, the creators explained their idea of the project in appropriate way and got appreciation from the doctors as well as other medical professional.

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About the Application

Presently, the NIX is working with the development PC and developers are working on the Android and iOS application to work with NIX.

According to the description of developers, we come to know about the full description of this application:

  • Initially, it’ll save the scanned color of the object.
  • Then, it’ll allow you to view the color in HTML, XYZ, Lab, RGB and much more.
  • You can convert the color to various media such as automotive paint, Leather stain, Interior all paints and much more.
  • After selecting the specific form of media, you can choose the brand according to your need.
  • And then, it’ll provide the complete information about the direction and proper address of the shop where you can get the paint.

Nix Color Sensor (2)

The mission of the project is to introduce a new, unique and astounding project in front of the world which allows the users to become color expert. The creator team of NIX contains three names Matthew Sheridan, Andy Li and James Strack. But the main thing in any project is the funding. After reading the complete explanation about this project, if you find this project useful and want to use this device in future then you can donate some amount for this project. Undoubtedly, it’ll help the creators in financial way and also provide mental satisfaction. Let’s donate something for science.

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