Now Use Two Sim Cards in iPhone: How to Guide by Geek

I personally use two phones, One is for my business and another is for my personal use. Sometimes it’s very irritating to handle both of them simultaneously on calls, batteries, repairs. So, I thought there will be more like me who daily hassle to be carrying two phones around. Well, not to worry at all. If you are an iPhone user then congratulations. A company named  Sumchi & TJ has developed a product called The SIM+, which allows you to use two Sims on your iPhone.

The product has been designed in a very attractive way that it covers the back part of the cell. The body is made up of plastic but the Sim portion is made of Aluminium to check any harm. You can use two nano SIm cards or one nano and one Micro SIm cards with the The Sim+.

Here are some of the Pictures of the product: [Image source – The Sim+]

Use Two Sim Cards in iPhone-1

Use Two Sim Cards in iPhone-2

Use Two Sim Cards in iPhone-3

Installation: You get the installation manual with the adapter and it takes you less than one minute when you insert the Sim card for the first time.

Working: The working is so simple and easy to use, The functions are very user friendly and reacts in seconds. It does what you want it to. You can’t receive calls or messages on both the Sims simultaneously.There is a timed interval options installed into the adapter to hold the situation and lets you switch between the two cards.

Color: The prototype has black plastic covers, and black, ren and silver aluminium covers. Some more colors will be available with in a few months, as promised.

Availability: For the moment SIM+ is only available for iPhone 5. But, soon it will be available for other models too. The creators requires pledge for $30,000 to complete the production. If the project got funded then the customers will be having the delivery by May this year.

Get the  The SIM+ here. You have to pledge for at least $52.