Obamacare And Addiction [Infographic]

The Affordable Care Act, referred to widely as Obamacare, has been highly controversial.  There are lots of ways in which the ACA will help people, not the least of which is by expanding access to mental health care.  Addicts have long suffered without access to affordable rehabilitation services, but now that these services are covered by insurance more people will be able to use them.

Addiction rates vary widely by state.  Marijuana seems to be used everywhere, but crystal meth seems to be more popular west of the Mississippi, while heroin seems to be more popular east of the Mississippi.  Crack seems to be more popular in the south.  New Mexico seems to have the lowest prevalence of drug use anywhere in the United States.

The good news is now that rehab is covered by insurance and most people have access to insurance, these numbers all have the potential to go down.  The tools for decreasing drug addiction are there.

Learn more about addiction rates by state as well as the positive impact Obamacare could have on addiction from this infographic.  Share it with your friends so everyone knows they have access to the help they need.  You could actually be helping someone!

Obamacare And Addiction