Ocean Spiral: World’s first underwater city allows people to live comfortably


Japanese construction company Shimizu Corporation in collaboration with the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and technology and Tokyo University, has unveiled blue prints for an underwater city, a Atlantis-like metropolis.

The world’s first underwater city dubbed the “Ocean Spiral” is divided into three sections: First a city contained in a, 1,600-feet-wide floating globe that could house up to 5,000 residences, hotels, commercial complexes and more. Second, a 9-mile spiral path beneath the structure that connects each watertight residential sphere to the ocean floor, and third, the Ocean’s spiral earth factory. The earth factory would generate energy for the city above by converting carbon di-oxide to methane with the help of microorganisms. The seabed also serves as a resource for extracting rare earth materials and transportation to reach there would come in the form of small spheres travelling to and from the research station at the bottom.


Each ocean spiral would float at the surface of the sea, but could be submerged down a 9-mile long spiral-pathway into the deeper depths during times of bad weather. The underwater city design not just involves one globe but includes several globes dotted over the ocean that would be less affected by extreme weather events such as earthquakes and Tsunamis, a very real threat in Japan. Researchers believe that the project will take five years to build the first unit, at a cost of $25 billion (3 trillion yen).To design the massive structures, Shizimu plans to use industrial-sized 3D printers and resin instead of concrete.

With sea-levels currently rising across the globe, under water cities such as these could provide homes to those communities whose land-based homes are slowly being inundated.



Via: Inhabitat