Best 10 free Online Streaming Websites for the FIFA World Cup 2014

This has been a fantastic year for sports enthusiasts. The FIFA World Cup has great fans since 1930. People all the over the world are getting ready for the 2014 FIFA World Cup.  The biggest excitement, the FIFA Tournament is back with its 2014 edition in Brazil. The 40 days tournament is set to begin on June 12 in Brazil and will continue to the middle of July. Until recently, you were only able to watch the game on television, but, what to do, while at work, on the go, or something goes wrong with your cable? Luckily, today you have a number of streaming options out there, and that help you catch the excitement live and exclusive.

online streaming websites for the FIFA WorldCup 2014There are lot of online website portals that will telecast the tournament live right on your computer screen. To broadcast such a big tournament on the internet, companies generally have to buy the rights to it. If you’re interested in knowing the sites that will be broadcasting the content on the internet, check out from FIFA’s own broadcasting rights list. The PDF can be found here.

Today we walk you through the 10 best free websites that have extremely high probability of broadcasting the tournament, going in order from the most probable to the maybe-ish. Please check out this list and catch the excitement.

1.       The official FIFA website

The FIFA website hosts the schedule for all matches as currently standing, and also offers a handy tool to help you switch easily between local time in Brazil and your own time zone. This will be your most trusted source for the broadcast, as this is the official channel from the FIFA corporation.

2.       ESPN

The sports network will be broadcasting all 64 matches from the start to the finale through its WatchESPN apps which are available for iPhones and iPads, Android phones and tablets, Kindle Fire tablets and Windows 8 tablets and PCs. U.S. fans can also access the stream through the WatchESPN website.

3.    Online Streaming Websites   for Australia :

SBS will stream each and every game on its website as well as through its iOS and Android apps.

4.       NOS

For people in Netherlands, Belgium, Aruba and Suriname, who would love watching the tournament with Dutch commentary, NOS is the best site to visit. They will be providing free streaming, and also regular updating of news, results, points tally, etc.

5.      Online Streaming Websites   for Canada :

CBC will stream all 64 games of the World Cup on its website as well as through its iOS and Android apps — no pay TV subscription required.

6.       FirstRows Soccer

This website broadcasts all kind of sports and also provides smooth streaming of the FIFA world cup matches, 45 minutes before its general on air time.

7.      Online Streaming Websites   for U.K. :

The BBC streams each and every game for free and without the need for a pay TV subscription through its iPlayer, which is available on the web as well for iOSAndroid, Chromecast as well as a variety of game consoles, connected TV platforms and TV set-top boxes.

8.      Online Streaming Websites   for Ireland :

RTÉ will stream all 64 games live on its website as well as through its mobile apps, including 8 that won’t be broadcast on TV.

9.       Wiziwig TV

Wiziwig is another popular broadcast site for sports. It works by gathering live broadcasters from all different walks of the internet and putting their links in one place. Their FIFA coverage can be found here. I’ve already filtered the results so that the World Cup will be shown in a neat arrangement.

You can’t expect to get 4K coverage of the games as you would from ESPN and there are also tons of advertising around, but it’s better than not watching anything!

10.   Univision

If you don’t mind watching tournament in Spanish, Univision will stream each and every sport on its website as well as through dedicated apps for iPhones and iPads as well as Android Phones and tablets. The website will stream the first 56 games free. However, for the quarter finals on July 4 and the finals on July 13, you will be required to sign in with your cable operator.