OSVehicle Urban Tabby- Now that is what we call a convertible

Do you always wonder about making a car of your own choice? So, know its time to build one of your own choice.You must be thinking that what am I saying or am I in my senses. Yes, this all is possible know and all thanks to a Turin-based company called OSVehicle, which will begin shipping versions of its open source TABBY a electric car that you can build at your own in just an Hour. Now that is what we call a convertible! You can build this car very easily without taking any assistance of a technical support.

OSVehicle Urban Tabby
OSVehicle founder Francisco Liu told Bloomberg said,

“By delivering to our clients just the components and not the full vehicle, we save a lot in transportation costs,” “Everybody in every country can assemble his own can in his own garage for less than 6,000 euros.”

Build your own electric car in less than an hour
The best part about this convertible car is that you can choose a engine of your own desire i.e electric, hybrid or petrol engine. As far as range is concerned, the electric version should manage 60 miles while the hybrid model can go up to 250 miles.
The Urban Tabby comes in two and four seat versions and you can choose a chassis for four seats or two (both around $700), you will need to pick up various ‘optional’ extras. It won’t cost you more than $4500 to get a battery pack, electric powertrain, seats and wheels – and it will set you back around $3,600.
The estimated cost for finished models is expected to be $6000-$9000 and this hot shot will be available in market later this year. Parts for both are available to order now, with the first shipments leaving Italy this spring, although the hybrid engine only goes on sale late this year.