Overswipe, iOS app that Displays Only the Photos you Want to Share

What happens when you hand off your phone to your friend to show off some photos? Chances are your friend doesn’t just look at the ones you’d like to share. They swipe to see a bunch of other pictures too. And you can’t stop them from doing so.

This is where Overswipe for iPhone comes in; as it lets you only share what you want.

avoid pic sharing mishaps

Once you’ve given the app permission to access your gallery, select the photos you’re happy to share, and then you hit ‘Display’. The free version lets you to select only five photos on your phone. However, you can upgrade to the pro for $0.99 to reveal more than five images at a time. Also, you can set a passcode that prevents viewers from closing the gallery within the app and view your other photos.

Apparently, Apple has realized the need to include this feature natively for its iOS 8 as announced in its final keynote.

Unfortunately Overswipe is currently only available for iOS, so Android users still have to use the same old tricks to protect themselves against overswiping.

Source :  App Store