CES 2014: Panasonic debuts its first-person 4K camera at CES

CES 2014 seems to be a year of Wearable devices and 4K that has captured all the attention from consumers at Las Vegas. Panasonic has debuted its first-person 4K camera, which is a combination of both wearable device and 4K. Panasonic revealed that with the help of a plastic mount that wraps around the ears and neck, users can wear this UHD (Ultra High-Definition) camera on their head.

Showing what is possible, rather than practical, the company’s CES booth will be dominated by a massive 4K OLED video wall. “This is a business solution unless you are the head of a hedge fund,” quipped president and CEO Joe Taylor.

4K camera

Panasonic first-person 4K camera is identical to the HX-A100, a firm that debuted at last year’s show. Panasonic’s 4k came will be waterproof and has many good features inside it. Panasonic has not revealed the specs of its first-person 4K camera however despite the hardware’s compact form, 4K camera produced sharp video stuttering free, and caught a wide field of view courtesy of its fisheye lens. Panasonic has not revealed its pricing however is expected to hit market later this year.