Parallels’ Access app for Android and iPhone let you mange your Mac or Windows PC like a Phone

Remote desktop apps have been around for sometime. The problem with such apps is that they replicate the desktop user interface on the small screen of a smartphone. The good news is that Parallels’ a leader in virtualisation technology has made its iOS remote control app universal.

Parallels' new remote desktop apps

The software makes accessing and using your Mac or Windows PC via the iPad’s touchscreen a breeze, and it provides a huge convenience factor for those times when you need to access something on your home computer but do not have the machine with you.

The tool basically recreates the desktop environment inside the diminutive scale of the smartphone screen. It also scales all the desktop apps in accordance to the smartphone screen as if they were exclusively designed for the smaller screen.

On the Android, the app also lets the user create shortcuts to jump directly into their favourite desktop applications. Additional features include the ability to customise the screen resolution so that you can see more of your desktop at a glance and apps can borrow your device microphone for speech recognition or a quick voice chat.

Those on iOS have an added benefit of a file browser that makes it easier to track down that all PC documents.

For those worried about its cost, Parallels has reduced its one year subscription price from $80 to $20, and $35 for two years.

Via : Engadget

Source :  Parallels