PARC spin-out launches Kickstarter campaign to disrupt home networking market

PowerCloud Systems, a group company of the well know PARC, which is essentially the origin of the Graphical User Interface, Ethernet and Laser printing, is directed to topple the market for consumer marketing. It is doing this with Wi-Fi router which is going to be cloud managed. They have kick started a major promotion for Skydog Home Network Package to the consumers.

According to sources within the company the product is not under testing, rather it is ready to use. As a matter of fact, it is already being used by some of the smaller consumers. It is way past the testing stage.


The objective is to expand on their existing Wi-Fi solution for business purposes for home networks too. This is keeping in line with the findings of their market research in  which parents have expressed concern about the time their kids spend online and the need for quality services. Most people want to be in a position to manage all aspects of their network. Skydog’s hardware is made up of a dual-band 802.11n Wi-Fi router as well as 2-by-2 antenna array.

Normally the use of Parental control is the solution for keeping tabs on what children are up to. But these tend to use quality of service (QoS); however this method tends to impact every apparatus linked with router. So restricting some sites for children means everyone else also loses access. It can be frustrating in every aspect.

Using Skydog system after signing up your home network on to the cloud you can clearly delineate the network into 3 separate zones and have separate guidelines for each and as per the user. This way you can limit what your children can see without affecting your usage. The bandwidth from an unused zone will be accessible to user in another zone if required.

Controlling usage: As we know children are particularly adept at overcoming parental controls, but Skydog can help you overcome this. You can set time limits for the time spent on a specific website and you will be notified when a user spends more time on the site than the specified limit. It also restricts the user from using the site the next time he/she visits it. You can monitor usage no matter what device is being used. Once you have registered with the router’s serial number, then you can also send it to other people.


The equipment: The hardware portion has a 2 by 2 antenna along with a dual band 802 11n router. The Skydog router consists of a four-port gigabit Ethernet switch. The people who pledge 79 dollars in the early bird version will get a Skydog home network package by May. The price may be hiked to 99 dollars and a better pricing for ordering two.


Though cloud reliant management packages have not enjoyed much success, executives at PowerCloud are quite confident. They intend to have a stringent Privacy policy.

Smart pricing is one of the good things that PowerCloud have done while keeping away from the temptation to get a continuous income by asking for yearly fees for subscription. Though they still have to work on improving the hardware and all the technological aspects, the people at the company are quire confident. In the short time of over a month’s time they hope to have collected a  75000 dollars. This product is quite good as compared to the other cloud management services. With more customers recognizing the advantages of this product, it could be just a hit. What happens next in the marketplace needs to be seen.