Pawscout Pet Finder reunites lost pets with their families

Pawscout Pet Finder

Did you ever know that over 10 million pets are lost each year, and adding to the disappointment only one in 10 are ever recovered. With the advance in technology, there’s lot we can do about this. Pawscout, a new startup has developed a separate connected pet ID tag that detects your pet’s location by creating a meshwork of smartphones.

Pawscout pet ID tag costs $30 and you can preorder one on its website. The product will ship in February. The company is creating a worldwide community of animal lovers via a free mobile app. Here, you are required to create a digital profile of your pet with a photo and info on breed, personality traits, dietary restrictions, issues related to health or behavior, or medications.

This information helps Pet Rescuers to identify and care for your pet until you reach him. Once you flag your pet as missing, the app will let you know when your pet comes within 200 ft Bluetooth range. If you’re out for dinner, tying your pet outside the café, you can set up a virtual leash and receive notification if they cross a preset perimeter.

But for this feature to work you need to put the app in lost mode. In lost mode, anyone with the Pawscout app comes within 250 feet of your pet is notified that your pet is lost. Through mesh networking, your pet’s location is updated and sent to you.

Don’t have a pet? You can still help reunite the lost pet with their families, you can download the app too.

The Pawscout tag comes with a standard watch battery which has one year life, and the app will alert you before waning of the battery.  From a sleek black and silver combo to camouflage and walnut or completely pink, Pawscout’s tag keeps your pet safe—and stylish.

Via: Wired