Pitching The Media Matters [Infographic]

Imagine you’re a journalist.  Every day is filled with emails.  Hundreds of them.  Most of them are for things you don’t even write about- a basketball tournament and you’re a food critic, or moonshine stills for home use and you write a mommy blog.  Half of them don’t even get your name right.  Almost all of them go straight into the trash.  What went wrong?

Chances are you’re receiving mass marketing emails or that someone has gone through their email list and sent out a generic press release to everyone in their contacts list.  Wouldn’t it be nice, just for once, to receive a pitch from someone who has clearly done their homework?

Pitches to the media matter.  Taking the time to research the person you are pitching can make all the difference.  Make sure they will be interested in what you have to say before you attempt to reach out.  Make sure you get their name right.  Make sure you’re going after an actual person and not just an info account.  Keep your pitch short and relevant, and make sure your subject line is eye catching.

Learn more about how marketing departments can improve their chances of getting a yes when pitching to the media from this infographic.
Pitching The Media Matters