Pocket-sized Lantern designed to offer the power of internet


Did you know that more than four billion people around the world do not have internet access? Well, it is kind of really hard for us to even imagine our lives without the internet, right? We go gaga when our internet and phone connections fail momentarily in times of natural calamities. So, the people out there without internet might have pretty boring lives.

However, this is set to change with the Lantern! Lantern is a pocket sized anonymous portable library which constantly receives free data from space. It is specially designed to bring connectivity to all those people who are deprived of internet access. For those who are wondering how it does that, here’s you answer: it uses satellite broadcast radio waves. Currently, the device has launched its Indiegogo campaign.


Now, let us see how actually this device works. It constantly receives radio waves which are broadcast from space by the company behind Lantern, Outernet’s satellite transmitters. It then turns the signals into digital files like videos, music, readable webpages and ebooks. Also, the device can receive and store just about any type of digital file. And to view to these files which are stored all you have to do is turn out is Wi-Fi hotspot and connect with a Wi-Fi-enabled device. The users just need a browser installed to get moving. Now, you might say that even a homemade satellite receiver could do just the same function. The thing about Lantern is that it packs down the equipment requirements into a flashlight-sized unit. In addition to this, the device uses its own solar panels to charge itself.

If you want to know more about Lantern, you can visit their Indiegogo page. Click here to visit the page. If you pledge $99, you can grab your own Lantern! This is really huge offer as the retail price is estimated to be about $149.


Via: Inhabitat