Portable Mars levitating Bluetooth speaker – A 360 degree hi-fidelity sound experience

the mars blutooth speaker

Music is one of the best gifts nature has bestowed on humankind. There are those who are completely submerged under the sea of music, creating it, sharing it with the world. Then, there are those who make it possible to let people experience the recorded music. Music players and speakers make it possible.

So, we have another adorable speaker design to show you today. It came from the CrazyBaby team, which has put its Levitating Portable Bluetooth Speaker for a fundraiser on Indiegogo and asking admirers to help in the production.
They call it the ‘Mars’ speaker. The speaker includes Mars Craft that levitates over the Mars Base. The speaker is in the air, no contact with the surface in any way, and that means complete 360 degree high-fidelity sound.

the mars blutooth speaker 6

Using the product specific App, the Mars could be controlled with any bluetooth device that plays music. Further, the app lets you control Craft lifting & landing, volume control, multi-speaker pairing, EQ setting and other misc features like power saving mode etc. The speaker is made from aircraft grade aluminum and is waterproof upto three feet with a fantastic endurance capacity.

A pairing of two Mars speakers will be as good as a complete 2.1 experience. Perhaps, it’s a rare feature among its kind.

the mars blutooth speaker 4

The speakers are portable enough to be carried in a pocket and the speaker is good in any provided environment like board room, outdoor, rooms or halls, It features a high sensitivity electric microphone with flat \frequency response. That makes your mobile experience even better.

the mars blutooth speaker 3

Moreover, 360 degree acoustic lens design ensures equal sound level to everyone present in the room. Also, Bluetooth module is capable of calculating the distance front the source to give you a better control over volume functions.

The CrazyBaby team has proposed to ship Mars in white and black to their crowdfunders starting from March-2015 and complete the orders by end of April-2015. Grab more details about the Mars Bluetooth speakers on Ingiegogo.

the mars blutooth speaker 3