Portable Raspberry Pi built using Adafruit Touchscreen TFT kit

There’s no shortage of creative enclosures for your Raspberry Pi. We’ve seen quite a few projects that stuff a Raspberry Pi into an original Gameboy with all the required tools to turn it into a very cool portable Pi and retro gaming device. Most of these case works use a modified 20-year old Game Boy for the enclosure, and if you have an attachment to your old green screened friend, you may not want to break it up for a Pi project.

Raspi GameBoy

Noe at Adafruit has implemented a 3D printed Game Boy enclosure that turns a Pi and TFT screen into a barely pocketable Raspberry Pi. It houses all the buttons and batteries required for taking an installation of Retro Pi on the road.

The PiGRRL , as this project is called, uses the Adafruit touchscreen TFT kit for the Pi that successfully turns the Pi into a very tiny tablet. This allows for normal desktop interaction with the Pi, and it’s also small enough to fit in the smallest of enclosures.

The 3D printed enclosure is an awesome design, allowing complete access to most of the Pi’s ports, while allowing enough space in the rest of the enclosure to accommodate a large size battery, charging circuit, and buttons taken from an SNES controller.

The final product is a very usable portable Pi that just happens to be in the perfect form factor for loading up a few ROMs and playing some classic video games.


Via : Hackaday